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As of November 2017 you can now pay your HOA Dues Directly at the Clubhouse by Cash,
Check or Credit Card during normal business hours!

Good Morning GLA - Coffee is on
Did you know? The coffee station located inside the clubhouse
is FREE to all members during normal office business hours. Monday to Thursday 8:00am to 4:00pm and Friday's from 12 noon to 8:00pm.  Come on down and enjoy a fresh cup of 100% Colombian Coffee brewed to perfection. If Coffee is not your cup of tea, well we have that too. Come on down and socialize at our morning coffee and news club.  Watch the local news on one of our big screen TV's. Just follow the rules
posted at the coffee station, bring your own cup to
the clubhouse if you want but please take it with you when you are done. Enjoy your piping hot coffee mornings with GLA and Donna! HAPPY COFFEE TIME!

Runners,Walkers, and Bikers
Hey GLA  Runners,Walkers, and Bikers when you get
thirsty on your treks, you know where you can re-hydrate?
That's right here at the GLA Clubhouse. We have water
available at all hours the clubhouse is open just for our
GLA members to enjoy.  Please use the cups provided
and do not refill any water bottles. The rules are posted
by the coffee station.
Come on down!! Enjoy Your Community, Enjoy Your Clubhouse!!

The GLA Board of Directors along with Baran Property Management is pleased to provide all GLA Members the following low or no cost Office Services during normal business hours for your convenience:

Black & White copies  - . 05 per page
color copies - .10 per page
Mailing service – Cost of Postage
Fax .25 cents per page
Scanning and e-mailing - FREE To ALL GLA members 
Notary Public Services -  FREE To ALL GLA members 
Compliments of: Baran Property Management
You can pay your maintenance fees at the clubhouse – No hassles
FREE WIFI at the Clubhouse

On January 2nd 2018 Gulf Landings Association  implemented a FREE community wide curbside trash pickup FREE for all residences within GLA. The service is twice per week.  All residents should have received a complimentary 96 gallon extra-large trash bin for their garbage and an 18 gallon recycling tote for their recyclables. The recycling program is voluntary, however, we as a community are deeply committed to green solutions and helping to improve our environment, so even as individuals we can contribute to this effort and we can teach our children by using the recycling totes.
The GLA Board of Directors along with our Management Company, Baran Property Management have with great diligence and responsibility lowered the operating costs for the association  thereby affording us the ability to offer this free service to all residences of GLA at no additional cost and without raising the HOA dues. 
Please keep in mind that since all residences have begun to receive this free service, it is to your advantage to cancel any trash pickup contract or service agreement that you may have beginning January 2nd  2018.  You will not be required to sign up for the new free curbside residential trash pickup; it will be automatic beginning on January 2nd 2018 on Mondays and Thursdays so long as you place your trash curbside in the provided complimentary 96 gallon trash bin, just as you normally would. Recycling will be every other Tuesday. The complete schedule for pickup including holidays will be provided prior to January 2nd 2018.
As always it is the mission of the Board of Directors to add the value and service to your association that you as members deserve.  We are extremely pleased to give you this free service and we sincerely hope that you enjoy the annual cost savings it represents to your family.  We look forward to assisting you in any way possible in the transition period and beyond.  Below please find a list of what we believe are the most common questions with answers provided
GLA Community wide curbside trash pickup Questions and Answers:
Q: What are the benefits of a community wide trash pickup?
A: The major benefit to GLA members is that you will no longer need to pay for trash pickup service. GLA members on average will be saving approximately $200.00 per year (a sum more than enough to pay the full cost of your Beach Club Membership) Additionally, comprehensive community wide unified trash collection will help improve the over all appearance of our community while greatly reducing any possible incidents of rodents and wild life invading our garbage. By using a single provider the noise level will be decreased as well as the wear and tear on our streets from the overall reduction in the numbers of garbage trucks on a daily basis. 
Q: What company will be providing the free curbside trash pick-up?
A: Republic Services –
Q: Why was Republic Services chosen by the GLA Board of Directors?
A: Discussions of the subject were made at various previous monthly board meetings, public input was sought and a majority of positive feedback was given by members.  The Board along with our Management Company researched the financial feasibility and subsequently a motion was unanimously approved to establish a competitive bidding process with a complete scope of work to be submitted by an established deadline from all the available companies who had the ability to meet GLA’s requirements.  In August of 2016 once the bids had been received, a discussion and review of the bids took place and the lowest bid which also met all the requirements was chosen and further the contract was reviewed by GLA’s attorneys at the request of Board President Martin Forero.
Q: What if I already pay for Republic Services for my trash pickup, will I need to call Republic Services and cancel my service?
A: No, but you will have to call Donna at the clubhouse and let her know that you are a current Republic Services customer so that she can coordinate with Republic Services to make sure that you will receive no further bills from Republic Services.
Q: What if I currently pay another company (not Republic Services) for my trash pickup; will I need to call them to cancel my existing service?
A: Yes, it will be solely your responsibility to contact your current provider to cancel your billing. 
Q: What if I live in a condo?
A: You need to do nothing; your respective COA/HOA is taking care of all arrangements. 
Q: When does the free community wide trash pickup begin?
A: Service will begin January 2nd 2018
Q: What is this service going to cost me?
A: The service is free to all residences of Gulf Landings Association beginning January 2nd 2018
Q: What is the collection schedule?
A: Garbage pickup will be twice per week on Mondays and Thursdays and recycling will be every other Tuesday.
Q: What time will the garbage be picked up?
A: Republic Services recommends putting the garbage out the night before, as the pickup will normally occur before 8 AM.
Q: Will bulk items be picked up and if so when?
A: Pick up of bulk items will be permitted once per month, usually on the first pick up of that month. A complete list of items that are permitted will be provided at a later date.
Q: Will this include bulk pick up of construction debris?
A: NO, Republic Services will not pick up bulk construction debris.
Q: Will yard waste be picked up?
A: Yes, you can put out bags of leaves and/or grass out every week for pickup, however, you must
use clear plastic landscape bags.
Q: How about Christmas Trees?
A: One Christmas tree per house may be put out for pickup after the first day of the year.
Q: Who should I contact if my garbage doesn’t get picked up?
A: Contact Donna Baran from Baran Property Management at (727) 815-3672, only if your tote was out and was not picked up.  The Republic Services trucks are state of the art with video monitoring and as such they record all truck activity.
Q: What if I need an additional garbage tote?
A: You may purchase one for approximately $75.00 by simply contacting Donna Baran from Baran Property Management at (727) 815-3672
Q: Can I opt out the FREE community wide trash collection service?
A: Yes you may, however, the FREE GLA Community wide curbside trash pickup with Republic Services has been set as a FREE no cost to you neighborhood-wide service and amenity.
Q: Do I have to participate in the recycling program?
A: No you do not, however we are hopeful that most residents will see the added value of promoting our neighborhood as a green community. Green Communities are known to be very attractive to potential home buyers, thereby providing the potential of great added marketability of our homes.
              GLA Resident Portal

You should have received an invitation for the new GLA owner access portal, with instructions on how to proceed.
Go to the link included in the invitation and create your user log in credentials. If you did not receive an email from GLA please contact Donna Baran, at (727) 815-3672 during normal business hours for assistance.
Gulf Landings is a premier waterfront and boating community located west of U.S. Hwy 19 in historic New Port Richey, Florida. This website is designed to help keep homeowners and residents up-to-date with what's going on in our community.

Saturday, January 13th at: 10:00am at 
GLA Clubhouse 

2018 Association Fees- The Association Fees for 2018 are: $636.00 Yearly
Monthly payment of $53 due on the 1st of every month.
Payment Address:
Payments with attached coupon should be mailed to:
Gulf Landings Association, c/o BBT Bank
PO Box 628207
Orlando FL 32862-8207


New Club House Hours:
Effective 01/03/2018
The Clubhouse Office is open 8:00am to 4:00pm. Monday - Thursday and Friday 10am to 6:00pm. 
You may want to call ahead and make an appointment as the manager is out on property at times.

Effective 03/13/2017
Amenities are available to members from 6:00am to 11:59pm 7 days a week year round.

Boat Ramp/Tennis Court Locks
A gate with a keypad lock has been installed at the boat ramp. You can retrieve the code inside the clubhouse using your key fob to enter.

Estoppel Requests:  
Can be made by e-mail to
6035 Barefoot Court
New Port Richey, FL 34652
(727) 815-3672

FOR ALL SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY, Not limited to, prostitution, soliciting and street parking.  We ask that you report these activities immediately to the police by dialing 911. The police non emergency line is (727) 847-8102. GLA INFO:

6035 Barefoot Court
New Port Richey, FL 34652
(727) 815-3672
Office Hours - Monday through Thursday 
8:00 am to 4:00pm
Friday's from 10:00AM to 6:00pm

Egrets Place, Heather Cove, Mariner's Way,
Sea Colony, Sea Forest, and The Reserves at
Sea Forest
Baran Property Management
Association Mgr. - Donna Baran, LCAM
727.815.3672 at Clubhouse or
 800-234-0280 after hours emergencies only
All requests for GLA corporate information must be sent to the management company.

Please do not make any requests for such information through this site as it can't be considered and return email is not guaranteed.

Residents of Gulf Landings are mandatory members of the Beach Club. The beach is at the end of Floramar in Gulf Harbors.
Yearly Fees - $144.00
Beach Club Guard Shack
Beach Club Guest Form


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